September 27, 2020

My Anger

Gut Check
“My Anger”
James 1:19-27, 3:13-18, 4:1-12

Contagious Virus

James 1:19-27

Practical Advice
Seek to understand
Be careful what you say
Delay your reaction

The Antidote to Anger (James 1:21)
Meekness = Gentleness

The virtue when hatred and anger stirs us up: being restrained by kindness

A huge roadblock in our gospel testimony is the lack of gentleness that many followers of Jesus display in their public lives. 

Absence of Gentleness
Jealousy (3:14; 4:2): “I deserve that”
Judgmentalism (4:11-12): “They don’t deserve that”

Gentleness (James 3:13-18)
Comes from God
Incredible patience
Quick to mend relational fences
Looking for opportunities to help
Commitment to unity in the church

In the age of rage, there is a great need for gentleness!

The question isn’t who gets angry, but why we all get angry.

Hurt, Frustration, Fear

Ask Jesus to… (James 4:1-12)
Heal our hurt
Relieve our frustration
Overcome our fear
Produce gentleness